I was a launch day Palm Pre owner. So much of WebOS (pre-HP/LG) in today’s iOS/Android that I am grateful. Especially the cards interface. And the Touchstone: magnetic mounting/alignment of wireless charging is clutch

I was unsuccessful in convincing my dad to switch away from his #Yahoo email accounts. For the love of techJesus, anyone out there push harder. You can’t forward emails out without paying. And somehow doesn’t have an in:inbox operator? And it considered an 80+ random PW “easy to guess”

I have just learned my sister uses a “cloud” app that requires Windows. It’s built on the .NET Framework but has client side requirements.

Not only that, all their remote work is still just using logmein to connect to desktops. No VPN, so even a work laptop can’t reach resources. Ouch.

I’ve never really thought about it, but seeing “available 24hrs” for funeral/cremation services makes total sense.

I am aware it’s a Taylor Swift day. But I just finished watching #Loudermilk the other day and I’m going through Lissie’s discography.

I’m am enjoying it. I’ll run through Ben Rogers next, too.

I think HotOnes has done better interviews, but I love the physical commitment of Conan on this one.

I went through the process of Power of Attorney recently. It felt far less official than anything with this much responsibility would imply?

Lists names, birthdates… and that’s about it. The notary process was more detailed in they needed driver’s licenses, but literally the very last step.

Hello, world.

This is my default “first” post. As I think I’ve tried to have some form of a blog for eons now, lol. I’ve liked the idea of micro.blog for some time as it felt like a good balance between random thoughts and wanted to feed the desire to review things. I’ve always thought it be interesting to have Google/something index it all and somehow analyze it all.

Of course, that was decades ago. Now I wonder if it’s such a good idea, lol.